UPLIFT strives to impact the community through various programs and events

  •  We seek volunteers for these three positions as they allow us to directly impact the schools and students in our local area
  • Each volunteer category requires different availability and commitment
  • If you are interested in joining one of these teams and becoming apart of the Uplift Family or would just like more information, you can email info@upliftcommunity.org 



Uplifts Mentoring Program is to designed to connect men and women to students in our local communities to impact their lives by:

  • Helping students reach their potential
  • Guiding students through life experiences
  • Providing students with a positive influence

All while allowing Mentors the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.

More About Mentoring


Uplifts Tutoring Program was formed to create an environment that provides comprehensive, focused learning that prepares students grades 5th – 8th for academic and life success. We strive to:

  • Provide an opportunity for every student to improve their academics along with building self-esteem in what they can achieve
  • Deliver an educational program designed to build the foundations of their future success by helping them to become independent learners;
  • Help students within the program to achieve their personal education goals;
  • Deliver programs for each student to cultivate the learning skills necessary for life success


General Volunteering

When Uplift partners with a school, not only do we provide Tutoring and Mentoring, but we do our best to provide the school with volunteers for school-affiliated events. This includes events such as:

  • Career Day
  • Field Trips
  • Festivals
  • Reading Days
  • First Day of School Encouragement

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